What is a writing journey?

I said I was going to write every day. Lol. That was naive. I got through nanowrimo, by some miracle, and I wrote for a little bit after that, but I still haven't finished the book I was so close to finishing. There are several reasons for this halt in my writing: firstly, that the …

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Some days, like yesterday and today, make it feel like survival is my goal. Yesterday, I couldn't handle it anymore: sitting at my desk staring at the screen full of anxiety. I had to get out; I took my laptop and ran towards a pumpkin spice latte. Three Starbucks later, I found seating. And I …

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A Front Seat

I'm convinced that everybody is a scientist whether they know it or not. We have a front seat at creation, and it is all we can do to figure it out, whatever it may be. It is a privilege from God, this front seat. Make what you can of it. Photo credit: http://blogs.nature.com/naturejobs/2013/01/28/getting-an-internship-in-science-journalism/